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Ligné International is the import and sales division of The Ligné Group. Ligné International imports lighting from Europe and distributes to trade showrooms throughout North and South America, along with working directly with interior designers and architects on bespoke projects.

Represented brands

Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting
Sales Territory - North America

Brand van Egmond
Sales Territory - North America

Jonathan Browning
Sales Territory - Houston, Austin, New Orleans

Jonathan Browning

Windfall Lighting (Interior Design: Ingrao)

Brand van Egmond


For import/export inquiries, to set up a presentation or for showroom details please call 512-535-2600

Get in touch with your representative

Austin, Texas
Ligné International
Corporate Office
512-535-2600 ext 3

Miami, Florida
Ligné Atelier
Regional Sales Point
512-535-2600 ext 2

Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting
US Corporate Office
512-535-2600 ext 4


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